Toy Story

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  • karla 04.29.2011

    hello my name is karla i’m new to this but i do know tht my liddo brother is obssesed with this site ! :p

  • PJ

    to many lines.

  • Good APP…But, sometimes the paint doesn’t fill the whole area and you can’t zoom in on the photo? A bit frustrating on the more detailed art. ..AND are there any more colors to choose from?

  • Hi Jess
    thanks for your comment. Have you tried the full screen mode ? It makes it easier to color small details…
    Also, we will add soon more colors to our palette!

  • Kik


  • The picture i have just drawer is so funny

  • max



  • No matter what I do. Every day since I have been on here I can not get anything to load. Very disappointed.

  • MASSA amu esse filme

  • why cant i get anything to print off for me.

  • uh this site sucks!

  • buzz is cool

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