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  • vsk4242 01.17.2012

    i cant load it

  • You will need Flash to color online…

  • It’s coooooool

  • Me gusta para mi hija que tanto le gusta pintar.. Excelente

  • e mais omenos

  • hey boring

  • heretyu


  • Doesn’t work. And I have plugin installed.

  • I like it very much…i love pinting….

  • its not loading

  • Loadingg……….” y? not loading!

  • You need to have the flash plugin installed!

  • hello i’ts cool

  • beautiful

  • It Worked; it’s not that bad when your bored 😉

  • i can’t load it

  • Is so cool

  • this is the best ever

  • This picture is lovely and cute.

  • pap


  • legal jogo sempre ele

  • i love it.

  • cool


  • Your Message :3

  • ana

    c’est boaf 15/20

  • this so easy

  • Wow………….

  • WOW…………….SO CUTE…………..COOL

  • LEG

  • This game is okay when your bored but otherwise… I don’t think so especially if you like to DRAW.

  • this game rock play ti . it will blow your mind

  • this is sad. its not even fun if you are bored. it’s not a game. it’s a sad fill in the blanks thing. why am i doing this. i have no life. this is not fun.

  • this game is only for baby’s it is so boring !!!!!!1

  • nice

  • i love

  • i cant find colour box how i find plz tell me

  • can these be printer off to color seperaterly?

  • this is fucking for girls and little people and i’m fucking 13 the email is my sisters

  • this coloring game is very cool I really liked ..
    thank you…

  • its cool

  • There is shortage of colors and the the color most often leaks out

  • now loading

  • its jus awesome …… more colors shud be added …;-)

  • It’s fantastic

  • its cool because i coloured me because my name is arielle

  • tia

    my favorite princess is princess jasmine and princess cinderella and in the movie is called FROZEN my favorite character is queen elsa and olaf the snowman so does anyone seen the movie yet? i love it

  • your ugly

  • I like it

  • Even though Disney doesn’t count her as one, Kiara from The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride is the best princess.

  • wish there was a peach color in this game

  • Its not losing

  • It’s fine

  • It is a really good game but it needs one more theme. Wensday Addems. Dont know how to spell her last name you should know what mean. I do wish that it would give you a choice of the princesses insted of choosing it for you. really good app though. Anyone aggre about the wensday though?

  • Should have wensday. But yes go to if you cant load it. wensday should be a option and it should let you choose your sheet. Should have more colors too.

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