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  • calladita 1998 02.07.2012


  • hola

  • sweet

  • ana

    ooooo q’ monadaaaaaaaa

  • hola

  • hola raza

  • CUTE

  • i like the G!!!

  • OLA

  • ?????????


  • If you put it in rainbow order (First two red, then next two orange, then next two yellow, then Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet once) it looks cool.

  • jacket!

  • nossa,esse é bom,pelaord ;D

  • It won’t load :'(

  • hi

  • at least u can do any colour u want not like spiderman or school

  • hi

  • Good Rangoli of keralis

  • how do i print it

  • cool i wanna print it how

  • amy

    i like these patterns

  • this is so bored

  • This is actually kinda boring. I think that I am going to listen to music, draw, go to bed, do my normal schedule, and once all the snow melts I am going to go outside and skateboard:):):)

  • doof doof doof

  • need to be more colors.

  • hola

  • class!

  • gasowa


  • I love it

  • WTF!!!

  • this is so boring

  • i love this site

  • i like to draw!!!

  • colourings are sooooo cool

  • so boring

  • I love to color in!!!

  • Your message

  • ? it sucks because I tap one part whole thing goes that color

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