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  • miriam 01.16.2013

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  • Hi Guys,
    Got this site and love it.
    My Son liked as well and he is asking if you have also some pictures from the “Frozen” movies, specially the Queen Elsa, so his girl friends can also colored things togeteher.
    Many thanks,

  • Hi Elsa-Marie
    sure we will add Frozen coloring pages soon ! Thanks for visiting us and check out the site soon for more suprises 🙂

  • minha mãe diz que apartir dos 11 anos não pode brincar mais de brinquedos e não tomar mais banho na piscina do lado razo da qui daminha ksa mais eu ainda sou uma criança 🙂

  • @Elsa-Maria here you go, enjoy the Frozen coloring pages!

  • ben

    dont you guys love skylanders i have skylanders Trap Team can you add that.

    t you guys love skylanders i have skylanders trap team can you add that

  • These Skylander coloring pages are fucking good.

  • You need more realistic truck and car picks

  • whats so hard to color pages and how are you today and the weather bout to be bad and they said that a tornado warning

  • I did not really like it at all!

  • i like skaylarders do you gays

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